Gateway to Asia

Emerging Markets

Unlike many European countries, the growth dynamic in many Asian markets continues unabated. Political stability, a young population, stabile investment conditions make the Emerging Markets such as China or India, or smaller states in Asia, an exciting place to do business for companies.


Mongolia – located between Russia and China with about 3 million inhabitants is a relatively small retail market but with one of the most dynamic markets in the world and an annual growth of 12%. There are unique opportunities in Mongolia in the field of commodity trading and processing of raw materials. A stable political environment and the stable domestic economy make Mongolia a reliable partner in business. Bürgenstock Associates has been active in Mongolia for several years.


Myanmar has been going through a substantial reform process since March 2011. The rapid opening process means enterprises have access to a promising economic environment. In a very convenient location geopolitically, Myanmar is considered the gateway to South and Southeast Asia, providing access to major trading partners such as China, Thailand and India. Moreover, Myanmar is characterized by its wealth of natural resources such as oil and natural gas and has a young population of 60 million people, making Myanmar an interesting economic partner.


The Vietnamese economy is growing rapidly and more and more manufacturers of goods such as clothing, shoes or electronics products are building production facilities in the country. Foreign companies have recognized Vietnam's locational advantages and primarily its relatively low labour costs, political stability and sound policies ensure that more and more investments are coming in from abroad thus making Vietnam a solid partner.


China is no longer the underdeveloped manufacturer of the past. China is now a high-tech country and more exciting than ever, with its focus on the development of its logistics sector. China replaced Germany in 2009 as top exporter. China is also far ahead in terms of imports; now in second place behind the United States. In the coming years, the importance of the sales market to China will continue to increase, particularly in the big cities and coastal areas. The expectation of growth in the market for logistics is very high, in addition to the traditional markets (construction and plant engineering, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, automobile, retail and consumer goods).


While other countries in the region are specializing in the production of material goods, Singapore has been able to develop into an important hub for direct investment and other capital flows. Many investors handle their transactions via the financial centres of Singapore, even though their capital may be flowing into other Southeast Asian countries. Singapore is the ideal partner companies need for customized services that are available locally and they are familiar with. This applies, for example, to IPOs or the raising of loans on corporate bonds and bank loans.